Turner Medical is Notified Body registered to ISO 13485:2003 standard by NSAI and SRI Quality System Registrar. The scope of ISO 13485:2003 registration is: “Manufacture and supply of components and assemblies used in medical industry.” We are also registered with the Food and Drug Administration.


We strive to meet all applicable specifications, schedules and service requirements in order to maintain an ongoing business relationship based on a shared commitment to customer satisfaction. Improvement applies to any avenue of operations by which reductions in costs and improvements to quality provides more value to our customers.

We use tools such as MQ1 to manage all of our quality documentation, preventive maintenance, Job Boss to track all of our job activity and flow. Lean Manufacturing tools are used throughout the operations to maintain effectiveness in our everyday work practices to reduce cost.

We are committed to the careful selection and ongoing evaluation of suppliers who share our commitment to customer satisfaction. We do this in order to ensure a working relationship so control of variability in our process is maintained.

Each employee is a valuable team member and employee involvement is encouraged at all levels. We have over 300 years of combined experience in our Quality Team alone. This valuable knowledge is communicated through appropriate training, so that new employees may understand and help maintain our quality objectives.